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May 26, 2024

Purple Tears Releases First Single “Work It Out” ft. Swae Lee

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Purple Tears Releases First Single “Work It Out” ft. Swae Lee

Music fans around the world were surprised and delighted to learn that well-known pop star Adam Levine of Maroon 5 is behind the new band Purple Tears. Levine is the songwriter for the new project, and he may also sing on it, but no one knows whose voice is synthesized, although many suspect it is Levine’s.  It also includes a verse from Swae Lee. “Purple Tears is a vibe! I knew when we were creating ‘Work It Out’ how special this song was going to be!” said Swae Lee.

The first song the duo released shows just how good Levine is as a musician and producer. Known for his work with Maroon 5 and as a judge on The Voice, Levine has gone above and beyond to create something truly special with this project.

A press release by Warner Brothers said Purple Tears is a “groundbreaking artist project featuring critically acclaimed industry veterans,”

With their powerful debut track and Grammy buzz already resonating across the music industry, all eyes are now on Purple Tears and what else they have in store for new fans everywhere.

Photo Credit: Instagram