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June 24, 2024

Apple Music Bug Reported to Change and Delete Playlists

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Apple Music Bug Reported to Change and Delete Playlists

Recently, several Apple Music users have reported a concerning bug on their iOS devices that has been messing up their playlists. The issue appears to be affecting a significant number of users, and it has sparked frustration and confusion among music lovers worldwide.

According to reports, the bug is causing Apple Music to merge and shuffle users’ playlists. This means that users are finding songs from entirely different playlists mixed up with each other, making it difficult for them to find the songs they want to listen to. Some users have reported that the issue seems to occur randomly and affects both newly created and old playlists.

The bug has caught the attention of the tech community, with many users taking to social media platforms like Twitter to vent their frustrations. Several users have reported that they have been unable to listen to their favorite songs and playlists as they used to, and some have even resorted to switching to other music streaming platforms.

In response to the reports, Apple has said that it is aware of the problem and is looking into what is causing it. The company has assured users that it is working on a fix and that the issue should be resolved in the next update.

For now, affected users are advised to hold tight and wait for Apple’s fix. Although, one potential fix mentioned by Apple Music users on Reddit is to reset the sync status between iCloud and Apple Music. In the meantime, Apple Music subscribers can try creating new playlists or manually organizing their songs to avoid the issue.

Photo Credit: Depositphotos